updated on 10/27/2018

ProMA Form Rules

Competitors will only be allowed to perform a traditional or traditional open form (no gymnastic moves allowed) that is appropriate for their rank and martial art.  Judging will be based on three categories:  STANCE/BALANCE, TECHNIQUE/POWER and SPIRIT/ATTITUDE.  There will be three separate judges for each category. Scoring from each judge will be from 5 to 10, 10 being the highest score.

Competition will be based on age group and division.  The competitor with the highest score wins the division.  If there is a tie for any runner up or winner, the competitors who tied will preform their form again to see where they place.

The scores will not be revealed to the end of the divisional competition.  The competitor with the 3rd highest score (2nd runner up) is called first, then the 2nd (1st runner up) and the winner is called last with the highest score.


D Class Beginner (1 yr. or less of experience)

C Class Intermediate (1-2 yrs. of experience)

B Class Advanced (2-3 yrs. of experience)

A Class Elite (3 or more yrs. of experience)

With approval a competitor can compete in a higher class.

*Youth division

6-8 yrs. old                         

9-11 yrs. old                         

*Teenage division

12-14 yrs. old                    

15-17 yrs. old                    


18 yrs. old and up

*Youth and Teenage divisions can bump up in a division if it’s within 1 year of their current age.