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Two yount girls block and throw punches while taking little tigers taekwondo lessons at vanyo martial arts in strongsville ohio

Little Warriors

Martial Arts classes for little ones (Ages 3-6)

Healthy Habits

  • Through martial arts, kids learn to have a Physically active lifestyle, which has value for ones whole life.

  • Every child will face fears and failure and so grow in humility & honestly.

  • The mental, physical, and emotional challenges of martial arts help children build  solid confidence & discipline

Benefits of Martial Arts for kids

Life Skills

  • Children learn to Listen & discern how best to obtain a good goal and worthy end.

  • Martial arts requires obedience to the instructors and to the martial art itself.

  • In order to master the art self-control, physical health & mental awareness are  patiently taught.

  • From all this comes confidence & courage, as well as lifelong friendships


  • Martial arts has the ability to meet a child wherever they might be athletically.

  • Bodily control and coordination are cornerstones of martial arts.

  • Endurance, strength, & flexibility are also built through martial arts.


Overcoming difficulties and competing with one another creates strong bonds of friendship between those who train with us.

Our Principles


No one can build character without struggle. We compete at every level and help you become comfortable with controlled contact or competition wherever you are at in your martial arts journey.

Safe Risk

Attention to detail is key to the growth of a martial artist. Technique is emphasized over speed and power with the knowledge that those latter two come in time. You will truly become a martial artist if you train with us.