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Junior Martial Arts

Kickboxing, Tae Kwon Do, Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Wrestling & Boxing (Ages 7-12)

Youth Grappling classes offered every Tuesday & Saturday


Let's face it. Adolescence is a tough season of life, but its how you face it that matters. Martial arts done well gives your child mental discipline, forms your child courage and confidence to tackle everyday life and obstacles.

Benefits of Martial Arts


Becoming an adult is not something that just happens. We must grow into virtue or, put another way, find balance between extremes.

Physical Health

  • Builds high level coordination

  • Creates powerful lean flexible muscles.

  • Increases balance.

  • Elite Endurance and Cardio

No Forms (or Katas)

As the martial arts evolve so do we. We keep traditional techniques while modernizing the classes to be more reflective of real world sporting and combat situations.

What Makes This Program Unique?

Traditional Martial Arts Disiplines

Muay Thai Kickboxing, Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Boxing, wrestling, jiu jitsu are all incorporated in the training.

Future of Youth martial Arts

Whether you want to compete, learn self-defense, or just get fit, this program has it all. We are building something better for our youth and the future of martial arts training.